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The best CMA-Regulated forex brokers in Kenya are Pepperstone Markets Kenya Limited, FXPesa, Exinity, Scope Markets, HotForex, and Windsor Brokers. These brokers are the only Silah Obegi is a top Forex trader in Kenya whose success was found in a more traditional sense. Obegi received a Bachelor of Business Management from Moi University, after which he Which Is The Best Forex Trading App In Kenya? Forex Trading App on AvaTrade – one of the best in the market. Speed at which XM executes data are higher than normal. 9/4/ · 5 Best Forex Trading platforms in Kenya. Here’s our list of best forex brokers for Kenyan traders: Hotforex – Overall Best Forex Trading platform with low fees; Plus – Best 21/11/ · Forex trading is a hugely popular investment option, and there are many companies out there that offer forex trading services. When choosing the best forex ... read more

The goal is to buy a currency in the hopes that it will increase in value, allowing the trader to sell it and make a profit. Not too long ago, trading on the foreign exchange market was restricted to banks, governments, and large institutions. However, in under 20 years, the forex market has seen a drastic increase in retail traders and speculators through the emergence of more low-cost trading platforms.

Yes, forex trading in Kenya is legal. The forex trading market in Kenya has been regulated by the Capital Markets Authority, the regulatory authority in Kenya, since If you are a forex trader in Kenya, ensure that you only trade with brokers that are regulated to operate legally in Kenya. Before choosing a forex broker in Kenya, ensure that it is well regulated by a reputable financial regulator. This is because forex brokers licensed by the regulator are held accountable to the rules and guidelines enforced by the concerned authority.

This ensures the safety of your funds, and protects you from bankruptcy or fraud. This is more true in the Kenyan forex market where historically, there have been a lot of scams by unlicensed forex brokers. Therefore, so long as you trade through a regulated forex broker, your funds should be safe.

Due to the notable business potential and demographics in Kenya, many leading online forex brokers noticed its potential and established offices in Lagos and across the country. Those new to trading will be happy to know that forex trading in Kenya is relatively easy. Here are the steps you can take to get started:.

When forex trading, there are some unique terms that are important to understand before you begin. Here are some of the key terms:. Pip: Point in percentage, also known as the pip, represents the smallest rate of movement for a specific currency pair.

Margin calls: When holding a trading position an amount of margin that exceeds the funds in your account is required. If your account falls below the required amount a broker can issue a margin call for the trader to deposit additional funds. If a deposit is not made, a broker may automatically liquidate your trading position. Lot size: A standard lot size is , base currency units.

Some brokers support smaller lot sizes called mini lots which represent 10, of the base currency units, and micro lots that represent 1, base currency units.

Orders: An order is an instruction to the forex broker to execute a position. There are several types of orders used in the forex market, including stop-losses, limits, market orders, and take profits.

dollars against the Kenyan shilling at the current exchange rate of If your prediction is correct and the exchange rate rises to Here is how to determine that profit:. Here is the calculation to determine your loss:. In doing so, it roped forex traders, informal businesses, and international money transfer dealers into the tax net. The National Treasury outlined that this was an attempt to reverse revenue losses that fell from Progress made against key indicators in Kenya, like financial inclusion for women and educational achievements could face a digression due to COVID What can be done?

Though COVID did not impact the health of Kenyans significantly at the time of writing, the economy was hit hard socially and economically. For example, research shows that 9 in 10 families saw a decrease in income, and 4 in 10 reported an increase in domestic violence. The research goes onto show that Kenyans are worrying about the economy and the household, particularly education for children.

This has left Kenyans feeling conflicted. Though Kenyans fear a new wave of the virus due to novel strains, there is also anxiety regarding the reopening of the economy. These damages to the economy are only one part of a longer occurrence.

Even before the Pandemic, the country was emerging from several major crises. Two floods affected up to 70, people and cut off major trade routes. Locust swarms threatened the economy further by arriving at the beginning of crop planting season, which affected output levels, strained the cash flow of farmers and the agricultural sector, on which Kenya is heavily reliant.

Recent reports by the World Bank predict that growth will slow from the previously anticipated 6. In November, these impacts were evident when the Kenyan foreign exchange reserves fell to a six month low of 8. When forex trading in Kenya, certain times offer more potential than others.

A key time to trade forex in Kenya is between pm and pm local time. From pm, the London and New York trading sessions overlap, meaning there is increased market activity.

During these times, the market is most liquid. Of course, you probably already know that forex trading, by nature, is high risk. Being aware of, and respecting the risky nature of forex, will help you significantly. For this reason, it is essential to do your research and deploy effective forex trading strategies that mitigate the risks, help you avoid losses, and potentially increase your profits.

Historically, there have been a lot of forex scams in Kenya. As such, the risk of forex traders being scammed was highlighted by the Capital Markets Authority CMA. The CMA advised traders to avoid trading scams by staying away from platforms of unlicensed entities as this puts their investment at risk and may offer their money no protection by law. Unlike most markets, forex trading does not require too much money to get started.

This is because in forex, traders can use leverage borrowed money to trade. Brokers typically offer a leverage of or more in some cases. In this case, investors can make larger trades, and therefore potentially larger profits. So, who exactly are the best forex brokers in Kenya? As mentioned above, the Kenyan financial sector is overseen by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya CMA , the financial regulator in Kenya.

From our research, we have concluded that the top forex broker in Kenya is Pepperstone. Each forex broker offers different benefits depending on your individual trading needs and goals, so choose wisely. Have you ever wondered how to trade forex in Kenya? This guide has everything you need to know. Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel. Facebook Twitter Instagram.

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Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Is it worth it? Online forex trading is easily one of the best ways to make money in your own time from the comfort of your own home. And it is totally legal to trade forex in Kenya. However, forex brokers and money managers are supposed to get a license from the Capital Markets Authority CMA. Currently, there are 3 CMA licensed forex brokers in Kenya and one money management company called MansaX.

There are many advantages to trading forex for profit, but perhaps the largest benefit is the ability to continue making profits no matter whether the market is going up or down.

Regardless of how deceptively simple forex trading looks, it is important that newer traders take time to invest in adequate education about the market and forex specifically. The forex market is incredible, and if you have not yet made up your mind about investing in forex trading, there was never a better time than this. Before I show you how you can start investing in online forex trading, allow me to first show you why this is the best place to put your money.

Investing in online forex trading is the real definition of having your money work for you. There are many more incredible reasons why you should invest in forex. Did you, for instance, know that there are more free stuff to help you become a better forex trader? An example is this website and my 7-day free crash course on forex investing. Investing in currencies is similar to investing in stocks. When you purchase stock in a company, you are buying ownership in the value of the company.

When you trade currency, you are simply investing in the economy of a certain country. The most commonly traded currencies in the Forex markets are those of countries with stable governments, stable banks and low inflation. Most transactions each day are in the major currencies including the United States Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, UK Sterling, the Swiss Franc and the Canadian and Australian dollars. The currency exchange rates for these and all other currencies are driven by a number of factors and require investors to be armed with a good deal of insight, up to the minute info and an aptitude for crystal-ball gazing.

While variables such as the global economy and political climate exert an influence, the main factors tend to be interest rates , inflation and political stability. Money markets are jumpy and this is why governments often trade in the Forex market in order to affect the value of their currencies.

By buying up currency or alternatively upping the supply of their currency — in similar fashion to oil producers — governments can raise or lower the price of their currency. This kind of intervention tends to be a short-lived quick fix approach due to the sheer scale of the Forex market. Highly volatile shifts in values simply cannot be sustained in the long term. Online forex trading is done through what is called a margin account.

A margin account is set up through forex brokers who will place your trade on the interbank network and oversees your account. A margin account is like a bond account that works similar to a savings account. These margin accounts ensure that you get paid when you exit a profitable trade and ensure the banks and other traders that you can pay when you lose on a trade.

Brokers also monitor your account equity and insure that you do not risk more on a trade than you have in an account. There are 3 different types of forex accounts offered by forex brokers when setting up your forex trading account. Each account has different funding requirements and leverage. Each also produces different risk reward ratios. Fore more information on the types of accounts, please click on the links above.

Currency trading is done buy purchasing lots through your margin account. Trading 1 lot is sort of like trading 1 share of stock in a company other than in forex a lot has a fixed amount of money that it is worth at the moment you buy or sell it.

A lot is a pre determined amount of currency that a bank allows you to trade based on your margin account. For example, if you are trading 1 lot on a standard account, you are typically trading , US dollars worth of currency with a leverage of If you are trading on a mini forex account, US dollars allows you to control 10, US Dollars worth of a currency at leverage. This leverage is part of the reason that trading currency is so appealing to many forex traders.

A pip or Point Interest Spread, is the term used in the currency market to represent the smallest incremental move an exchange rate can make. Depending on context, normally one basis point 0. Why is this important? Pips are how forex traders get paid! If you are trading , US dollars worth of a currency, and the value of that currency goes up by 1 pip or , x 1. There are 3 types of charts most commonly used by forex traders when trading forex.

The bar line chart, the bar chart and the candlestick chart. Out of the three, we will concentrate on candlestick charts as they are the most common. Japanese candlestick charts have been used in various forms for analysis since before the Seventeenth Century.

Today this form of displaying technical information is a very popular tool among traders. This is because Japanese candlesticks make it easy to identify price action. Candlestick charts are also incredibly easy on the eyes. Japanese candlestick charts display price movement versus time in a very simple and easy to read form.

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As the online forex industry continues to gain popularity in Kenya , there are multiple investors who have emerged as leading forex traders in the country. These traders have not only proven that it is possible to trade profitably but also become wealthy from the global forex market in Kenya. Kenya , is a country situated in Eastern Africa with a population of approximately 47 Million potential Forex Traders. Tourism in Kenya is the second-largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture and currency exchange is not only legal, but essential for business to be conducted.

The Most successful Forex traders in Kenya is also unique as the list features a female forex trader , a true rarity in the Forex World. Before he joined the ranks of the Best and most successful Forex traders in Kenya , Mugenda was a student living in relative poverty, enrolled in the Technical University of Kenya.

He was getting by with very little money given to him by his parents. Mugenda has always had an entrepreneurial mind and was able to develop some of his own hustles on the side in order to help him save some pocket money for personal use. Initially, Mugenda would buy tea in bulk, repackage them, and resell them to various passers-by.

But, even with this extra income, Mugenda was struggling to make ends meet, with multiple financial responsibilities, such as his studies, needing his attention. As a result, Mugenda decided to find a new source of income in the form of a traditional 8 to 5 job — as an insurance broker. Unfortunately, multiple days would pass before he was able to make a sale. At this point a friend introduced Mugenda to the world of forex trading , lending him the money needed to make a start.

Unfortunately, Mugenda like many other beginner traders lacked the knowledge necessary to make smart investments and lost all of his invested money. Surprisingly, the same friend was generous enough to provide Mugenda with another loan, and took the time to sit down and explain all of the factors connected to the trade, making Mugenda more prepared and equip. Within a few months, Mugenda was making a reasonable income from Forex trading and his wealth continues to accumulate.

Mugenda, a man in his twenties, has made headlines due to his rapid acquisition of wealth as a Forex trader. Mugenda is incredibly successful in the forex trading field and has gone above and beyond to create Paris FX — a Forex company which has gained significant profits in the past few years.

After he graduated from college, Githaiga was unsure of which direction he wanted to go in but decided that the traditional office job setting was definitely not the ideal choice for him.

Through a simple Google search, Githaiga came across the concept of Forex trading. Today, Forex is by no means his full-time job, taking up a very small portion of his day-to-day life. Githaiga gained most of his trading knowledge through self-education on the internet.

Silah Obegi is a top Forex trader in Kenya whose success was found in a more traditional sense. Obegi received a Bachelor of Business Management from Moi University, after which he worked his way up in the field of finances. Currently, Obegi is the C. at Meta Capital Limited. Throughout his experience within the financial fields, Obegi has been able to develop an automated Forex trading system which is unbelievably lucrative.

Obegi is the Director of the Nairobi School of Forex, where he shares his knowledge of the Forex trading system and automated tools he developed. Joshua Matumo is the founder and managing director of a company called Fourth street Consultants. Matumo began his trading career in at Strathmore University and specializes in trading currencies as well as commodities.

Joshua Matumo is known to be excellent when it comes to risk management and professional market analysis alike. Fourth street Consultants also offers consultations and comprehensive courses on Forex trading. Kamau works as a banker aside from trading. Forex trading has allowed Kamau to earn an extra income alongside his traditional day job. Kamau is still seen as a newbie in Forex trading, but the progress made on the path of becoming one of the most famous Forex traders in Kenya is without a doubt amazing.

For two years Sylvia found, read and learned as much as possible on how to become a successful forex trader in Kenya.

Muchai signed up to multiple online trading courses, opened numerous demo accounts, and attended trading seminars both on and offline. Patrick Mahinge can best be described as a serial webpreneur who started trading forex in Mahinge does not hold any academic qualifications in finance and studied Journalism at Egerton University. Eight years ago, after failing to secure a formal employment, he started looking into online forex trading. Patrick Mahinge is the founder of the Kenya Forex Firm, which provides training and portfolio management services for potential forex traders situated in Kenya.

He also works as an online blogger and builds new businesses from home. Vincent Nyagaka is forex trader with over 6 years of experience in the field. He decided to venture into forex trading after his traditional income was not sufficient, purchasing online courses and learning as much as possible. Nyagaka later founded Benstride where he teaches students on how to trade in Forex.

Best Forex Brokers Kenya for 2022,5 Best Forex Trading platforms in Kenya

Which Is The Best Forex Trading App In Kenya? Forex Trading App on AvaTrade – one of the best in the market. Speed at which XM executes data are higher than normal. 9/4/ · 5 Best Forex Trading platforms in Kenya. Here’s our list of best forex brokers for Kenyan traders: Hotforex – Overall Best Forex Trading platform with low fees; Plus – Best Silah Obegi is a top Forex trader in Kenya whose success was found in a more traditional sense. Obegi received a Bachelor of Business Management from Moi University, after which he Low startup capital: You can start trading forex in Kenya with as low as 1, Ksh! Yes, that’s not an exaggeration. Some forex brokers such as FxPesa and XM Forex will even give you a The best CMA-Regulated forex brokers in Kenya are Pepperstone Markets Kenya Limited, FXPesa, Exinity, Scope Markets, HotForex, and Windsor Brokers. These brokers are the only 21/11/ · Forex trading is a hugely popular investment option, and there are many companies out there that offer forex trading services. When choosing the best forex ... read more

Table of Contents. XTB is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority FRN and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since Forex Trading is not a sure-fire way of making money no matter the country of trade. All these accounts require a minimum account balance. IG Group was founded in and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA in the U.

Hence it is important to go through reviews and choose the one that performs well. Visit Broker. Helpful Guides. There are 3 different types of forex accounts offered by forex brokers when setting up your forex trading account. It is forex trading company in kenya on the premise that price behaviour is seldom linear; rather, the tension between bulls and bears causes it to fluctuate continually, allowing swing traders to see these swings as profit possibilities. To trade forex in Kenya via a locally regulated broker, forex trading company in kenya, you need to open an account with any of the forex brokers regulated and licensed by CMA. XTB is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority FRN and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since