July 14, 2020

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This is a trend following system that combines 3 indicators which provide different functionalities, also a concept conceived by VP's No Nonsense FX / NNFX method. 1. Baseline The main baseline filter is an indicator called Modular Filter created by Alex Grover - www.tradingview.com - Alex Grover - … ...read more


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In this video we go over a NNFX ( no nonsense forex ) trading algorithm with a very high winrate. We go over how to use it, what indicators make up its components and then lastly we backtest it. NNFX algorithms can be very powerful strategies used for trading forex. Indicators: https://mega.nz/folder/DLZFjY6Y#0-IVcYK9LSRs2kauQfKXpQ ...read more


No Nonsense Forex Trading Algorithm (85% Winrate) - Newbie

09-02-2020 · Arbitrage - The no nonsense thread 10 replies. Nonsense of sharing automated systems/EA for different brokers 0 replies. No-Nonsense Trader's Trading Journal 1 reply. Alpari backtest data may be total nonsense!! 10 replies ...read more


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Results for 24 periods way better than 10, then again it's only one pair. :) More details below. ///// //Designed per No Nonsense Forex VP rules //For testing your individual indicators before the full … ...read more


Making a Forex Trading Algorithm The No Nonsense Forex Way

Confirmation indicator mt4 no nonsense. Please do not ask me instead go to the no nonsense forex discord forum. You need to see me take a volume indicator and test it against a confirmation indicator. It s okay though because everything i have sent out to my list became a video so you missed out on nothing. ...read more


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No Nonsense Forex (NNFX) is in fact a method or a strategic framework for forex trading introduced by a US-based prop trader who calls himself as VP. No Nonsense Forex method is an indicator-based, trend-following method with defined money and risk management techniques (NNFX specifically scraps reversal trading). ...read more


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Our Forex Technical Analysis. October 9, 2020 by VP. While it does carry over to other markets as well, when it comes to Forex trading in particular, the technical analysis we use here at No Nonsense Forex is unparalleled. Below, I will explain why. ...read more


No Nonsense NNFX VP Strategy for Back Testing Indicators

No Nonsense Forex is divided up into two main parts: The Blog. The YouTube Channel . I also have a podcast, but every episode has its own video version of it, and most of them have a blog attached, so we’ll use those for now to keep it all streamlined. This is your next move: Binge on episodes 3 through 13 of the podcast, in order. This is a must. ...read more


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05-03-2021 · 🟠 Trade Signal Group: https://cutt.ly/signalgroup 🟠 🟢 Get Funded: https://cutt.ly/FTMOfunding 🟢 🔵 Discord Group: https://discord.gg/3k9VY9g 🔵 In ...read more


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Retail traders have almost no influence on the market, especially smaller retail traders and scalpers. Forex liquidity providers have minimum order sizes of around 1 million. No retail broker has tens of millions worth of orders being taken every second so retail orders need to be aggregated into one big order for a liquidity provider to accept it. ...read more


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For only $135, henrytrading will code any no nonsense forex ea nnfx. | I will code your forex trading algorithm based on your criteria and the teachings of the No Nonsense Forex trading channel.I will put together an | On Fiverr ...read more


Making a Forex Trading Algorithm The No Nonsense Forex Way

FRZ No Nonsense Forex Strategy EA Robot – Forex Robotz ...read more


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24-03-2008 · After studying forex for 3+ years, No Nonsense Forex SHOCKED me in a good way. After religiously studying his method, it really changed my perspective of trading in ways I could never have imagined. NNFX’s method made me less stressed and dramatically reduced my screen time by over 90% and I can sleep in peace. ...read more


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No martingale, grids, hedging, averaging or any such risky methods. One trade per pair at any given time with stop loss! FRZ No Nonsense Forex Strategy EA is based on the popular NoNonsense Forex Method (NNFX). NNFX is a strictly rule-based manual trading method with strict risk management technique be used on daily charts. ...read more


No Nonsense Fire

24-03-2008 · Now do full algorithm testing. Forget win rate. It’s about what % profit the algorithm earns year on year. So on these tests you actually calculate profit per trade. This takes ages and you should test on eurusd, audnzd, eurgbp, audcad and chfjpy first as this covers all 8 major currencies. Find out which exit indicator is best during this step. ...read more


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Sharing my New FREE No Nonsense Forex trading algorithm. The trading algorithm is based off of the very popular YouTube channel No Nonsense Forex and feature ...read more


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I'm Dave, the No Nonsense Trader. My website is here to help you build an algorithm trading system and make a profit. It is based on the No Nonsense Trading method of trading Forex… ...read more


No Nonsense Forex Trading Algorithm (85% Winrate

Greetings! On my journey towards the No Nonsense Forex trading method I found myself continually using several tools that the method requires. These tools are easily found online, but they are either not in one convenient place or, more importantly, not as straightforward and quick to use as I … ...read more


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Hello guys this is an update on how my trading algorithm works now and what i hv done to it in the last few days so i hope u like it. My personal trading sys ...read more